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a bit about us


We’ve known each other for about 15 years- we met at work; Trisha (brunette) was the teacher and I (blonde) was her student. We hit it off immediately like a love affair in a Nescafé commercial, but we didn’t really become “friends” until one day I called Trisha who complained;  "I’ll always be single and I don’t even have anyone to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with.” My response was  “I’ll go with you!”

The next year, we did it!

That trip and all the year-long preparation for it really solidified our relationship- nothing like spending six days, sick in a foreign country and hiking with only each other to talk to, to bring us closer together. Especially since she saved me from a baboon attack!

Now, 11 years later, we still work close to each other and have a small business. Trisha has an amazing husband and son, and my "kid" Riley is 16! 

A fun fact about us is that everyone confuses us. We don't get it at all!

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  • A friend saving you from a baboon attack! Now that’s something not too many friendships can claim.
    Was aware that Mount Kilimanjaro has many hazards, but never thought baboon attacks to be among them. Note to self.

    I bought two skein of Poppy’s fur and I am very excited to knit a toque for myself, will post/send photo when it’s done.
    I currently have three projects on the go, with many ideas/projects in bags, waiting to become real. I have to stop going to wool shops, because the list keeps growing!
    Btw, scaling Mount Kilimanjaro is pretty cool too.



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