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Free Shipping on yarn, knitting kits and pompoms until April 30. Use code KNITON at checkout.
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Poppy and the Professor

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Since Poppy came into our lives with all that soft floof, I have been trying to convince everyone that I needed another dog. Cause what is better than a samoyed? TWO SAMOYEDS! But my logic fails me when it comes to puppies, so I always look to my friends to be the voice of reason.

I had really just started knitting with Poppy yarn and figuring out I could dye it naturally when the Twist Festival in St Andre D’Avelin, Quebec notified me that we were accepted as a vendor. The hustle began!

I rescheduled my trip home from Newfoundland so that I would be back in time to attend. This was going to be a big deal- a yarn show? THE BIG LEAGUES! This wasn’t about whether non-knitters liked my hat designs, this was about whether makers would want to use Poppy’s yarn! I got some help preparing labels for the limited skeins that I had and I showed up, totally unprepared. I may be an agent of chaos, it works for me.

Everyone stopped to read the poster I put up. I mean, why wouldn’t they? Look at it!


Handsome man, knitting with gorgeous dog….what more is there? 


I wish I had a video of all the people’s faces who asked whether the fur was really made from my dog so I could show you. The reactions were priceless. Maybe I’ll do that at the next event…. could be funny!


The yarn was a hit! Other vendors were talking about it and coming over to buy it - and that’s when I knew Poppy’s Yarn was really something special. I mean, I knew, but now everyone else did too!

In the few days that we were there, I had an amazing time talking to the vendors and the customers about how I brush Poppy, collect the fur from all our Samoyed friends and have it spun into yarn. I really found my passion! People were amazed at how innovative it was, but this yarn has a long history, it wasn’t my idea! I just happened to grow up with a Samoyed and my mother told me about how her fur could be spun into yarn….and I did it when I grew up and got Poppy! Because I can do anything!!!!

So, there I am, at Twist, with only a few hanks of yarn left, and another show coming up in three weeks. OPPORTUNITY, I HEAR YOU KNOCKING!

I messaged Poppy’s breeder and within a week, surprised Riley with a new puppy. Welcome home, Professor Stubbs! Because he has only a tiny tail, he instantly got his name, Professor because it had to be as pretty a name as Cherry Pop Tart!

Things do not get more fun (and hairy) than this place!