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Settling in to life in PEI


Trisha left in the middle of the night like some scoundrel from Peaky Blinders. Do you even know how much I love Cillian Murphy? He's a very talented actor, plus he's got those good freckles!

Liz took one for the team and drove her to the airport. I really like my sleep. Maybe I really need my sleep and they recognize that. Maybe they didn't want to deal with GROUCHY KAREN, and who would, we've all seen the outbursts these women have!

I joined an amazing knitting group (crafters' circle) at Belfast Mini Mills in the morning, so I picked up a London Fog and knit with my new friends, one of whom I met three summers ago in PEI, Simone of Sand and Sky Creations. Some of the friends were spinning yarn, and I decided I would probably like to learn that too. I am on the island to design patterns, but I want to do it all!!!!! This is a thing I do, over schedule, over plan, over everything. I'll keep thinking about it.

After the knits, I went over to Fleece and Harmony and did not buy a couple things that I have been thinking about all week - I'm driving back there to pick them up this afternoon. I'm trying very hard to not accumulate more stuff n things, but I'm still me!


Did it rain? Did it wind? I honestly have no idea. I think maybe this is the day we had our first lobster boil... OH YES!

Lobster Dinner

It was - it was Sunday + Labour Day, and I knit a new pattern that my non-knitting friend suggested, and it was amazing! Wait, maybe that was Monday. I dunno, I am just so pleased with the results! It's a mini-heart version of the hat with a slouchy top for the Advent Kits.

Mini Heart Slouch Hat

I will admit that these are the days that I overdid it and maybe hurt my elbow and shoulders. I tried for both of those days to close the hat in a visually appealing way, and I was so so happy when it finally worked! I sat on the second floor balcony with the dogs for days, enjoying when it wasn't raining, even if it was windy. Thankfully there were no mosquitos. I hate those evil buggers. 

In the hurricane (Ida) the screened door came loose from my balcony, so I duct taped it back shut. This is a very Canadian thing to do- reparations with duct tape.

 Red Green Show


Back to work, and I discovered that my data plan was not going to be sufficient for working while in rural PEI. Packed my laptop and headed into Kensington where I found the cutest cafe called Willow Bakery and Cafe.

Willow Bakery and Cafe

There goes my plan to get in shape while in PEI. I am currently enjoying a large coffee and bacon cheddar scone. I would be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying a different Fresh Baked Good (FBGs) every day. So far I have limited myself to one a day, from the bakery, that is. 

Our first walk! It was sunny and lovely out and since I have been acting like I'll melt in the rain, this was the first time I have properly walked the dogs. I shackled Stubbs to me with his new canine cross gear and Poppy said she would like to join us. I explained to her that we would walk for a long time and that maybe her baby princess toe wouldn't like it. She said she'd be fine and not complain, so she joined us. I was surprised there was not a single complaint for the entire 7km. I knew she had been faking this entire time. Nothing like a little FOMO to get the girl motivated! 

Walking Samoyeds


We took a 4km walk in the morning to start the day. Because I am an hour ahead of my usual time zone, I had extra morning time to spend how I like and today it was walking. We walked over to the Darnley Basin and watched some nesting herons fly around the bay and saw about 3 cars in an hour.

Samoyeds on Bench

I also saw the loveliest house that I now want to buy with a giant wrap around porch overlooking the bay. Problem is that it isn't for sale. I am very patient. 

House in Darnley

Imagine the knitting I could do on that porch!


POPPY'S SEVENTH BIRTHDAY! She's my little velcro ray of sunshine. 

Ray of Sunshine

Today I coined a new work: Comf. It sounds like comfy, minus the Y. It is used in a sentence like this:

"Look at the comf factor on those outdoor cushions. Those people know what they're doing."

I wish I had a picture of the cushions and house I am referring to; it has an amazing second floor balcony with glass railing and a view of the ocean. 

Ok, my shoulders and elbow hurt enough to take a day off knitting. Instead I started the day by kneading dough for bagels, doing laundry and of course, working from the cafe. I had a delicious apple blossom with my London Fog and let me tell you I need not learn that recipe. I would never get in shape. LOL! Worked all day in the cafe, then went home to lay in bed and watch movies. What else can you do when you can't knit????? Obviously it's knit or nothing. Oh, and I ate steak for the second time this week. I have never felt so rejuvenated in my life!

We put up a fly strip trap thingy in the house last night because Fuckary (as all flies are named) and all his friends showed up over the last week. I just received a text that two flies have met their demise in the kitchen; 8000000 to go. 



It's Friday and I am at the cafe, enjoying a Bacon Cheddar scone and my second (and third) coffee.

Bacon Cheddar Scone

I did a bit of pattern designing on the computer since I am still not knitting and I am really inspired to make a new hat, but I should wait. I finished my latest book last night, it's really easy to go through a large number of books when I can't  check Reddit for hours at a time. That was two this week, so far. Natalie Tan's Book of Luck and Fortune by Roselle Lim and The Dying Game by Asa Avdic. Plus the audiobooks OMG Listen to Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane. I loved it!!! 

This morning I learned how to use Apple Pay on my phone! I forgot my wallet at home and since Hurricane Larry is bringing down the heavens outside, I did not want to go back to the car, let alone the house to get it. Thank Heavens for the girls at the cafe and their tech skills. 

Until next week, I'm off to collect the dogs and head over to the mill - I have some shopping to do! Comf shopping!

With Love from Poppy and All of Us at Poppy's Pompom!


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