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First Quarter of 2021

Hey Friends!

We have been so busy working on new ideas that we have barely had time to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, let alone blog about it. Here's what we've been up to since the beginning of the year. 

We set goals!

What? Is this like, actually a dog fur yarn business? We set some goals for this year and we are so excited we're working towards them. 

We're rebranding!

We've been working with an amazing graphic designer who has created a whole new gorgeous line of labels, social media icons, logo and so much more that we are planning to release April 2/3. Since we're not super tech-savvy, it could take longer. 

We're revamping our website!

We've been using this website format for a few years now, and it has worked incredibly well for us, but we have big plans for this chiengora business and that means we need to consolidate, purge, learn about SEO and fit it all into a beautiful cohesive bundle. Yeah, that sounds like it might take more than 2 days. But we do have a plan, we know how to make a critical path and have project management skills. Who knew that stuff would come in handy one day?

We've got new products!

We have a couple new products that we've been working on and I know they are going to blow your mind. I say that as if dog hair spun into yarn isn't already mind blowing. Since we are rebranding and revamping, we decided to wait to launch these new items all in one big bang. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly!

We're working on new knitting patterns!

So many new knitting patterns, even crochet patterns, that my elbows hurt just thinking about it. We have numerous new patterns that are going to require testers and photos and writing and all the fun stuff that comes with creative design. 

We've joined Ravelry!

This week we made a big move (for us) and started to add patterns and yarns to Ravelry. We even made our own group! I'm sure there is someone out there who knows Ravelry as little as I do, so here's the info: Ravelry is a fibre-arts platform that allows everyone to purchase and store patterns in a library as well as chat in forums and join groups. I don't know it very well, but I am learning.

Our group; Poppy's Pompom, is where we intend to provide information about the business, about new yarns, new patterns, pattern testing, and basically everything Facebook does, but with a fibre twist. 

We're growing!

We recently had a few more LYS wholesalers in Canada and the US add our pompoms to their shops! We're so excited that people are spreading the word about our fantastic products!

We're hoping!

That this autumn we will be able to attend some of the knitting events we miss so much - our fingers are crossed for Twist, Knit City Vancouver and so many more. Can you even imagine if we could go knitting in Italy??? Dream Big!

With love from Poppy and all of us at Poppy's Pompom