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Custom Pet Hair Spinning

Have you ever wondered if you could do something with all that floof your favourite family member sheds? How about spinning it into dog yarn? We're now offering a chiengora spinning service!

From the french word for dog “chien” and “gora” from angora, chiengora is a beautiful fibre that is 42% warmer than wool and so soft you’ll want to wear it all winter long. Imagine knitting with dog hair and wearing a warm hat or socks made from your fluffy best friend-how special is that?



Although we wish we could spin fur from all dogs, breeds with long hair and a double coat provide the best fibre for yarn. Samoyed, Great Pyrenees, Bernese Mountain Dog, Australian Shepherd, Golden Retriever and GoldenDoodle are just some of the breeds we’ve successfully turned into yarn. You can find additional double coat breeds in our FAQs however this list is non exhaustive and we haven’t tested all breeds yet. If you have a mixed breed or aren’t sure if your pooch has a double coat, contact us and we’ll figure it out!

We reserve the right to cancel an order should we determine the fur is of poor quality, too matted, too short, too dirty or not viable enough to produce a quality product associated with Poppy's Pompom™ or Land Cloud™ Yarns.  We will issue a full refund and should you want your fur back, we will return it to you at your expense.



Image courtesy of Hakai Magazine

In the area now known as British Columbia and Washington State, the Coast Salish peoples long used dog fur from the now extinct Salish Wool Dog to make clothing, capes and blankets. As fur trading posts became established in the area, the introduction of imported and inexpensive machine-made blankets lowered the value of the dog fibre blanket. By the mid 1800’s, this resulted not only in the decline of the use of dog fibre, but the eventual extinction of the Salish Wool Dog.

Kendall Crolius - Author, Knitting With Dog Hair

One of our favourite dog yarn spinners! Kendall has been spinning yarn furever! She even wrote a book about it. When we stumbled across this book we knew we weren’t the only ones who love this luxury yarn. 

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