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Suitcase Stowaway - Possum/Wool Blend

Yarn made from the fur of a possum? YOU BET IT'S SOFT!

Our latest addition to our carefully curated collection is a soft, squishy, and sustainable yarn straight from one of my favourite places - New Zealand!

Possums were introduced to New Zealand by fur traders in the late 19th century, the non-native brushtail possum population has reached staggering proportions largely due to the lack of natural predators that would otherwise maintain an ecological balance. The consequences of their rapidly increasing numbers are many, including damaging impacts on New Zealand's native flora and fauna. Since 1992, the fur from these pests has been used to make a soft and fluffy yarn 

The hollow structure of possum fibres means they can trap more air. Because air is a poor conductor of heat, the more air trapped within a fibre and the fibre structure, the more warmth it will retain for the wearer.

Possum fibres have been found to be breathable, warmer than merino and are less inclined to pill. 

The combination of the fibre scale structure and the unique finishing process required for fabrics containing possum fibre gives it a soft, light touch.

8 ply, 100g skeins, approximately 208m

Needles 4-6 mm