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We love love love pompoms on hats. Did we mention that we love them? We love them so much that our favourite hat is double pommed! We’re known for our fluffy poms, but, did you know you can double or wholesale the fun? Pom everything!

Made in Canada by hand from repurposed high-quality vintage furs, these poms are fluffy and soft, and most importantly, upcycled!

As pompoms are made from natural recycled fur, each one is unique. Each measures approximately 4.5 inches, depending on length of fur. Pompoms come with a special clasp allowing you to safely and securely attach it to almost anything - and move it around to suit your mood!


The more you buy, the better the price! We know some of you small shop owners need pompoms too- we got you covered! Our Pompoms are sold individually, by the pair, in a triplet, a six pack and a dozen! I can't believe I remembered all the correct terms!!!