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Land Cloud ™ Samoyed Yarn

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Poppy’s Pompom Samoyed yarn is luxuriously homegrown and spun locally from the fur of our beloved best friends. Check out the benefits of knitting with dog hair:

  • Customers have said it is the softest yarn; as soft as cashmere and angora -  it has been graded with a 21.9 micron count. That’s the same as baby alpaca or ultrafine merino.
  • Chiengora is scientifically proven to be 42% warmer than wool yarn. 
  • Yarn blooms into a gorgeous halo with none of the itch of mohair. 
  • Practical -  Many of us already have dogs as part of the family; they’re much easier to live with than a herd of alpaca in a two-bedroom apartment. 
  • Sustainable - There are already millions of dogs, each with an abundance of fur. 
  • Hypoallergenic - Dander associated with dog allergies is washed off in the process. 
  • Ethical - We source our fur locally and treat our furry friends very well. We brush them to collect their fur.
  • Environmentally conscious- making use of fur that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Samoyeds come in natural colours from White to Biscuit, so each batch of yarn is different, depending on whose fur is in it. Please order enough yarn to ensure that your colours match.