Free shipping in Canada with purchase of $175


When will my order ship?

We have modified our process and will ship once per week, mainly on Wednesdays. You will receive a tracking notice by email.  

How can I contact you?

Although we respond to messages and questions on social media, sometimes those get lost in the shuffle. The best way to contact us is via email.

We make every effort to respond within 24 hours from Monday to Friday, but sometimes life happens and we take a couple of days!

How long will it take to receive my order?

Most products that are not preorder will ship within 3-5 days. If you have not received a shipping confirmation email within a week of placing your order, please email us. Shipping times may vary.  Please use the tracking number sent to you in your shipping email to locate your order. We do not have any information that you cannot find by tracking your own order. 

Custom pet fur processing time is 12+ weeks plus shipping time after we have received your fur. Your finished product will be shipped with tracking. Timelines may vary.

Shipping Questions

Do you offer free shipping? 

We offer free shipping in Canada and the US on orders over $175.00

Please note that wholesale orders do not include free shipping.

Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere you are! We have shipped to most of the continents, and the information for your country should be available in the address field. 

What if my order does not arrive?

All orders are shipped with tracking. When your order is packaged, a shipping label is created and an email is sent to you with the tracking number. If you haven’t received this email within a week of your order, please email us. If you do have your tracking number, please go to Canada Post to track your order. We do not have any information that you cannot find by tracking your own order. 

Custom Pet Hair Processing

What are some other double-coated dog breeds that may work?



German Shepherd


Australian Shepherd

Golden Doodle


Bernese Mountain Dog

Golden Retriever

Norwegian Elkhound


Gordon Setter

Old English Sheep Dog


Great Pyrenees


Chow Chow



Cocker Spaniel

Irish Setter

Rough Coat Collie

Clumber Spaniel


Saint Bernard

English Setter




Will the yarn smell like a dog?

No. The fur is washed at the mill and will not smell when it gets wet. Just as a wool product doesn’t smell like a sheep when wet, your dog yarn won’t smell like a wet dog!

What if I’m allergic to dogs? Will I be allergic to the yarn?

People with pet allergies are typically allergic to the dander of a pet, not the fur itself, so it is unlikely that you would have an allergic reaction to dog yarn that has been thoroughly washed.

How do I collect fur?

Brush your pup! Brush, comb or rake. Do not shear or cut the fur- it will break hair fibres and make it prickly.

How do I store fur while I’m collecting enough to send?

It is preferable that you store fur in a paper bag. Don't pack it too tightly. When shipping, it can be squished into a plastic ziplock bag for the short period of shipping time.

What if I don’t have enough fur and my furry friend has passed away?

If you were able to save any fur but not enough for one of our products, we are happy and willing to work with you and the fibre you have to produce a meaningful keepsake.  We can discuss mixing your dog’s fur with the fur of another dog of the same breed or another fibre (such as merino) to make enough to create a special product in memory of your furry friend. Please contact us at for additional details and pricing.

How do I send my fur to you?

After placing your order, you will receive an email confirmation with your order number and shipping instructions. Please check your junk email if you haven’t received it within a few minutes or send us an email and we will resend the email. Please do not ship fur to us until you have placed an online order.

We recommend you ship to us using a service that allows you to track your package. We cannot be responsible for packages that do not make it to our shop.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Our processing time is 12+ weeks plus shipping time after we have received your fur. Your finished product will be shipped with tracking. 


How do I care of chiengora yarn and products?

Hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent and lay flat to dry. It reacts similarly to wool and may shrink.

Can you wind my skein into a cake? 

No, we do not have a winding service. Yet. 

Do you wholesale your products?

Yes, however we have limited amounts of chiengora, so it is not always available for wholesale, but we ALWAYS have lots of pompoms!

Can I use your pattern in my business?

Yes! We love that you love our patterns and you may use them to make an item and sell it. We ask that you do not sell printed copies or copies in any format of our patterns.